Do you know you can Apply for both your referal and your activity points together by qualifying for tomorrow's(Tuesdays) withdrawal you know that with a minimum of 2000 in your ref balance you can apply and get paid your referal you know that with a minimum of 4000 earnings balance you can apply for both referal earnings and activity earnings and get paid??...... You will always get back value for your time spent on our website ......DO NOT GIVE OUT YOUR USERNAME AND PASSWORD TO ANYONE, NOT EVEN AN OFFICIAL OR VENDOR ON THE 247WAVE....scammers are only trying to scam you warned

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Users can as well use their point values to play games on the website and win exclusive prizes such as cash prizes, gadgets,mini refrigerators,mini fans and lots more.All will be branded with 24/7WAVE logo


To participate in playing games one must have accumulated a minimum of 15,000 points in order to qualify for participation.



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