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The Catholic Bishop of Sokoto Diocese, Rev Father Matthew Hassan Kukah, has uncovered that President Muhammadu Buhari actually picks his calls in spite of his reactions of the current government


Kukah, an ardent pundit of the Buhari-drove government, said he actually keeps a sincere relationship with Buhari.

Talking with columnists in Sokoto, Kukah clarified that his reactions were concerns not disdain for the current organization.

Kukah said his anxiety over the condition of weakness in the nation provoked him to reprimand the current Federal Government.

He, in any case, mourned that Nigerians label the individuals who reprimand the public authority as an adversary.

As per Kukah: "The president has not quit picking my calls.

"I've kept a heartfelt relationship with the president. My anxiety with the rising weakness, killings in the nation and imperialism incited my analysis of the organization however not contempt.

"Assuming I get my telephone and call Mr President now he will get it. The other time he missed my gets back to he called me and we welcomed one another."

Review that Kukah had said he was unashamed in regards to his reactions of the Buhari government.

He noticed that he has reliably censured states before the Buhari organization.

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