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Diocesan David Oyedepo, president and originator of Living Faith Church Worldwide, has uncovered how an admirer ran m*d while attempting to take from the congregation. 


The pastor said the individual had taken part in the congregation's Shiloh program however had a ulterior intention and it blew up. Talking at the continuous International Youth Alive Convention 2021 in Canaanland Ota in Ogun State, Oyedepo cautioned that the congregation is "a repulsive spot". 


"In one of the Shilohs, I cautioned individuals and someone was found attempting to pick something not his and he ran m*d right away. 


I stood by in order to sound this note of caution. How ghastly is this spot. This is none other except for the place of God and this is the door of paradise. Be cautioned against picking whatever isn't yours. Be cautioned, be cautioned. It's a danger. Should anybody have a ulterior mission for being in camp. Be cautioned, it's an appalling spot. 


How appalling is this spot. This is none other except for the place of God and the entryway of paradise. I held on to give you this message prior to gift you to go for the evening. See it and turn away. Also, don't attempt it yourself," he said.

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