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The General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, Pastor E.A Adeboye has responded to the developing number of transsexuals on the planet. 


The priest in a post common on his Facebook page expressed that God isn't the writer of disarray. 


As per him, in the hour of creation, God made people in female and male, yet certain individuals have chosen to change their sexual orientation as though God didn't have the foggiest idea what he was doing. 


He further noticed that God doesn't commit errors, while asking that they apologize and start to stroll in the way of uprightness once more. 


"Our God is the God of qualification; He isn't a creator of disarray. A man decides to be befuddled when he would not like to make the best choice as requested by God thus imagines that he doesn't have a clue what God needs from him. 


"At the point when God makes, He does as such with accuracy and reason. He made lights for a reason and obscurity for another. 


"God, in his limitless astuteness, made humanity as male and female, yet certain individuals want to change their sexual orientation like He didn't have the foggiest idea what He was doing when He made them! 


"God doesn't commit errors. Our God is the ideal God of qualification. He made the day for work and the night to rest. In the event that under any condition we don't rest in one evening, the next day ought to make up for the deficiency of rest. 


"Inability to notice rest produces pressure, affliction and at last demise. Little miracle future over the most recent fifty years has been on the decrease. Accomplishments that ought to regularly have required forty years to achieve are acknowledged in less than thirty, at the cost of kicking the bucket prior. The God of qualification says in His promise. 


"A many individuals have blended many profane things in with the sacrosanct. The God of differentiation won't ever settle for the status quo. It is our obligation to satisfy His norms. 


"Investigate your life and see where you have undermined your qualities as a Christian. Atone and start to stroll in the way of uprightness once more," he composed.

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