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Dubious drag queen, Idris Okuneye, assumed name Bobrisky, has depicted his type of revenue in another Instagram post. 


The drag queen took to his Instagram page on Friday to announce himself a whore who turns out only for very rich people. 

He composed: 

"Fans :: 

Bobrisky you are delightful, pls what do you do mama Bobrisky reaction: I'm a restrictive ashewo who work for very rich people just !!!! I'm train also names or kiss and tell. Indeed, even at firearm point don't specify name. Take care of your work and continue on. Fans : damn !!! Be that as it may, you are not a completely lady so how would you do it mama. 

Bobrisky reaction: 

disregard that sweetheart, there are numerous approaches to fulfill my customer is my work so leave that for me. That is the thing that make me a restrictive ashewo. Fans : really have never heard you call no name thou cos I follow you one after the other and you are so rich omg. Bounce reaction : bless your heart!"

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