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A 42-year-old Nigerian tech wizard, David Gbodi Odaibo, who as of late won a $125 million (around N69billion) U.S government contract, is d*ad. 


His sibling, Stephen Odaibo, made the disclosure on Sunday, a day after the episode. As per him: "My sibling died yesterday. My heart is broken. He had a cardiovascular arrhythmia/heart att*ck in his rest. 


He was completely immunized and didn't have Coronavirus. He and I were so close. David was caring, delicate, splendid, and humble. He had a PhD in Computer Engineering and was a Kaggle Grandmaster, the most noteworthy achievable expertise level in viable Machine Learning. 


He acquainted me with AI. The calculation he composed for consequently recognizing dangers at Airports just won a $125 Million agreement from Department of Homeland security around 1 wk prior. 

His code beat down organizations upheld by Billions of dollars. So later on when you securely fly the skies, if it's not too much trouble, recall my sibling David. Our hearts are broken. My helpless guardians his better half and two little youngsters. His 4 kin. 

We are crushed. David and I were enormously adjusted to our greatest advantage and would frequently talk for quite a long time. Our association was uncommon and valuable. We finished telephone discussions with "adoration you." 


Embrace your friends and family and reveal to them you love them. However there might be distress in the evening, satisfaction comes toward the beginning of the day. I'm ameliorated that David is with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ."

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