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Nigeria’s minister of information and culture, Lai Mohammed says Nigerians have better values than people in the Western world.

He claimed the Western nations recorded more r#pes, incest and other crimes. “It is those core values that will make the difference between a brute and decent man. That explains why you find that when we talk about r*pe, incest, and all kinds of crime, it is (sic) even more prevalent in the Western world because, here, there are certain values that are important to us that we must not let go of,” Mr Mohammed counselled.

“You must bring up your children every time to understand that there are values which they must keep.” The Nigerian minister stated this at an event on Monday in Lagos.


Mr Mohammed added that “we probably cannot” go back to living in caves. Though acknowledging the role of technology, he stated that “we must take it together with our core values,” insisting “those core values that are very important.”

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