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Previous President Olusegun Obasanjo has been parodied for his reaction to a letter by a Niger Delta pioneer, Edwin Clark.

In a response on Tuesday, Obasanjo announced that the oil inside the area has a place with the whole individuals of Nigeria.

On Wednesday, a South-South alliance said from sections 4 to 12 of his answer, Obasanjo underlined the legality of "the strong seizure of Niger Delta".

The Niger Delta Congress (NDC) scolded the ex-Head of State so that faltering could see the ludicrousness in centring his contentions on legalities "brought about by individuals from the bigger ethnic identities which Obasanjo has a place".

An assertion by the representative, Ovunda Eni, noticed that in passage 13, Obasanjo, not just conceded Niger Delta assets was looked at by the two sides during the common conflict, he requested that individuals be thankful on the grounds that the circumstance would have deteriorated assuming the Biafran side won.

Eni, an attorney, expressed gratitude toward the resigned General for the "disclosures" which he said aren't new to the district.

"It significant for the Niger Delta individuals to observe that its domain and individuals are viewed as war goods won and additionally lost. This speculation keeps on affecting the connection between the Niger Delta and the bigger ethnicities; not neighbors, not siblings, not companions, not companions, but rather war goods.

"In section 18, the previous President spread the word about it that he has been a hero of value and decency in Nigeria. What's more in his bid to guarantee this value, he accepts that it is important to "smother" ethnic ethnicities, or "clans" in the most natural sounding way for him, so the state can arise.

"What he neglected to uncover is that stifling "clans" in a state is actually just an endeavor to make a state where more modest ethnicities are quieted, or obliterated so their territories and assets are added and constrained by the bigger ethnic countries who additionally make up the state.

"We have seen the heartlessness with which this concealment as a procedure has been applied, in particular with the destruction in Odi which left more than 10% of the populace dead in 1999; a slaughter executed by Nigerian soldiers when President Obasanjo himself was the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces.

"President Obasanjo expressing that he would keep on pushing for the concealment of "clans" in the Nigerian state until he "relaxes" his "last", is Obasanjo vowing loyalty to a destructive philosophy. Such daringness can come when a man has effectively done a slaughter.

"This doesn't just show the disappointment of the Nigerian state he depends on, yet additionally shows the complicity of the worldwide local area he fraternizes with and whose interests in the Niger Delta he has served. This likewise shows the disappointment of the Niger Delta administration to hold on and for our kin.

"In ensuing passages, the previous President traveled once more into the past to refer to imperialism and its lawful develops in various ways to infer authenticity for the foul play that has been the connection between the Niger Delta and what is as of now referred to as Nigeria right from as soon as the pilgrim period.

"However intriguing as this endeavor to gaslight the Niger Delta seems to be, what is piercing for the NDC is the nuance in intimating that what we right now have operable in Nigeria is an augmentation of expansionism with the bigger gatherings as the new pilgrim aces. We decide to not be colonized by any gathering.

"Generally critical to the NDC are sections 20 and 21 wherein Obasanjo uncovered moves he and some different associates from the inside and outside the Niger Delta are making to indeed scam individuals as has been done inside the Nigerian setting beginning around 1960, and which he has had a necessary impact of from the common conflict till date."

Eni said the previous pioneer spelt out the work being finished by the Committee for Goodness of Nigeria (CNG) – which he is a section – where Niger Delta agents are proposing a 18% deduction in CNG proposals "to the people who can make a move" in front of another constitution before the 2023 races.

NDC denounced the "annoying" recommendation, demanding that fomentations have spun around financial and political independence (asset control), contained in the various announcements and sanctions that have exuded since the 1965 Rumuomasi statement.

The body reviewed that at the South-South Hearing on 1999 Constitution audit in Port Harcourt on 27th May 2021, the NDC introduced proposals to the Senate Committee drove by Senator Betty Apiafi where half asset control or determination was requested.

The assertion reminded the public that the NDC has been gathering marks of ethnic ethnicities' delegates for the Niger Delta Peoples Charter which declares the right of the area to control their assets and decide their socio-political future.


Eni promised that individuals will oppose any transition to foist any constitution that doesn't take insight of the requests of individuals as caught in the contract embraced on eighth October 2021 at the Niger Delta Peoples Conference in Yenagoa, capital of Bayelsa.

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