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Administrator of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, Abdulrasheed Bawa has approached strict pioneers to lecture on the ills of defilement. 


He settled on the decision at the public show of "Task Eat-Halal and Sermon Guide for Imam/Scholars," coordinated by the Just Foundation in Guzape, Abuja on Friday. 


He was addressed by the Head of Creative Communications Unit of the Commission, Deputy Commander of the EFCC, Nwayinma Okeanu. 


The counter unite supervisor said, "We need to show our kin in the mosques, in the temples the ills of debasement in our general public, what it has meant for us. I don't peruse the Qur'an, yet I am certain it denounces defilement, thus does the Bible. 


"A many individuals contemplate capture and arraignment, yet I need to remain here to tell we all that the EFCC is working especially in accordance with what venture EAT-HALAL is about".

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