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Antwain Fowler, the kid who went viral in a video asking, “where we about to eat at?” has d*ed at the age of 6.

His official Instagram account confirmed the news on Sunday with a post written by his mother, China. His cause of de*th has not been confirmed yet, but TMZ has reported that it may have been related to autoimmune enteropathy, an illness he has been struggling with for a while. The disease inhibits the body’s ability to absorb nutrition.

GoFundMe page was started by his mother after Antwain had been battling with the disease since 2015, just a year after he was born. She also explains on the page that he had been in and out of the hospital for the majority of his life. Antwain became an internet sensation over the years of his life with funny Instagram and Youtube posts that showcased his big personality.

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