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Captures have been made regarding the d*ath of a 8-year-old, Peyton Evans, who had gotten back from football training and was playing a computer game when he was lethally sh*t in the Landover region in the U.S. 


It is accounted for that the sad occurrence occurred in August, 2021. The suspects are Desmond Nkwocha, 21, Mark Nkwocha, 23, and George Shamman, 23. 


Police examinations uncovered that a gathering was accumulated outside of the home when the three suspects drew nearer in a white shaded vehicle in 1600 square of Brightseat Road on August 24. One tenant from that vehicle f*red shots toward the space that this gathering was accumulated and the b*llet got through a porch entryway which hit Peyton. 


Police say the perished wasn't the planned objective. Each of the three suspects have been accused of endeavored first-degree m*rder, second-degree m*rder and weapons related charges.

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