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Notable Veteran entertainer, Joke Silva has opened up on why she was pursued by ladies in a market in Lagos. 

The multi-capable, grant winning entertainer made this disclosure in a selective meeting with TheNEWS as a component of exercises denoting her 60thbirthday. Silva was brought into the world on 29 September 1961. 

"Thinking back when gotten some information about the most critical minutes in her acting vocation, she said one of them was acting in Owulorojo, a Yoruba TV series in 1993. 

"Silva, who has navigated both stage and screen with panache for quite a long time said she was pursued by ladies at a market in Lagos after they had watched her component in that TV series that shot her to spotlight in 1993. 

"The ladies had been so moved by my sparkling exhibition in that TV series that when they saw me they were awed and begun pursuing me, saying they were excited by my presentation in that film." 

"In any case, you know, and simply going into the market as I used to do. I had failed to remember that individuals had watched Owulorojo thus getting to the market and being pursued by all the market ladies and me running. They were all adage "E mama sa. Mo like ise yin" (Don't run, we actually like your acting). That was extremely intriguing," Silva related.

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